Raphaelle Bellanger


Raphaelle Bellanger had the idea to make a book about parisien youth. She teamed up with her childhood friend Anna Gardere and together worked on the concept and made KIDZ Paris a reality. At the time, there were both 17, going through their high school final year. 

KIDZ Paris gathers a selection of portraits, all young Parisians, all under 25, all with unconventional path or inspiring experience, who through their own images and their own crude words draw a partial but frank and enlightening portrait of their generation. 

The first initiative is a local initiative. As the next one is international, they decided to combine with YARD. They will share with them their structure and workforce to strengthen their knowledge and experience in order to produce the next issue in the best way. 

Stay tuned 

contact : kidzparis@gmail.com